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How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets?

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Your floor is the area of your house that is most likely to get dirty and soiled. Anything that can fall off a person, a coffee table, an unclean cup, or a pair of shoes will descend on the ground thanks to that annoying force called gravity. Those falling things will leave stains on your carpets and rugs unless you want to spend most of your time at home cleaning up spills. What is the best approach to cleaning your carpet and how frequently should you do it?

Your carpets should be professionally thoroughly cleaned every 12 to 18 months, to give you a quick solution. For a detailed explanation of how frequently and why it is crucial to clean your carpets, keep reading.


Cleanliness is next to expectedness


People who reside there benefit from having a tidy house. It’s not simply for aesthetic reasons; it also takes into account the residents’ health and wellness. Dust mites, germs, and bacteria will invade your home if you don’t regularly and completely clean it; and much like unwanted party guests, they won’t depart voluntarily.

According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, carpet has a high potential for mold growth and all the associated risks. Your carpet can look fantastic and stay clean with routine cleanings.


How clean is “clean?”


You could be one of those folks who is content with a weekly sweep, vacuum, dust, and mop. If no children, dogs, smokers, or people with respiratory problems reside in your house, that is OK for the time being.

Even in these situations, however, a once-weekly cleaning schedule will only remove the surface filth and grime from your carpets and floors; a deep, comprehensive, professional carpet clean is still preferable.


And how dirty is “dirty?”


man and woman covered in dirt holding cleaning supplies. how often should you clean your carpets?

It’s fair to say that our home environment doesn’t stay spotless without assistance because we humans and our animal friends contain bacteria, germs, and filth and shed hair and skin on an alarmingly frequent basis.

But there’s no need to go crazy completely. Maintaining a tidy and welcoming house will be much easier if you have a good notion of how frequently to clean your carpet and rugs.


But I am not dirty!


You’re not actually as clean as you might believe. We lose hair and skin, track dirt into the house unintentionally, shed hair and skin, and even the most careful among us occasionally drop food crumbs and spill beverages. According to Philip Tierno, the author of The Secret Life of Germs, a carpet might potentially be 4000 times dirtier than a toilet seat due to its ability to collect so much filth.


So what can I do about this?


Not much at all—making a mess is something that cannot be entirely avoided. But once it occurs, you may take action to clear the clutter. Unfortunately, turning your home from a sanctuary for pests, dust, and allergies into a haven for people requires more than a fast weekly sweeping or mopping.


Some handy tips to keep your place clean and limit how often you should clean your carpet


little girl feeling bad about leaving muddy footprints in rug. how often should you clean your carpets?


Keep food mess to a minimum.

One strategy to prevent food spills from spreading across the carpets is to designate a specific space for dining. If at all feasible, place the dining area in a space with linoleum flooring since they are much simpler to maintain. It is far simpler to clean up milk or juice spills from a linoleum floor than a shag carpet.


The hazards caused by the small generation


Children are untidy, it’s a fact. Drooling occurs even in the cutest children, diaper leakage occurs in even the most well-kept households, and no youngster is afraid to saunter from room to room with a handful of food.

Your kids won’t pick up their food leftovers as Hansel and Gretel did, so mop up the mess before the stains left by these food crumbs became permanent.


Shoes: on or off?


muddy toddler with dirty pants and shoes

On chilly, rainy days, all you want to do when you arrive home is enter the warm, dry inside, but regrettably, you’re not the only one who enters. No amount of wiping the shoes on the doormat can prevent bringing part of the outside inside while walking on stone, gravel, dirt, and grass. So, a quick tip to avoid bringing nature inside is to kick off your shoes at the door.


Pets and their problems


beagle dog laying on clean carpet. how often should you clean your carpets when you have pets?

Although Fido, Felix, or Polly may be as much a part of your family as your child, they are not known for their cleanliness or good hygiene. Furry animals harbor fleas, cats spit up furballs, dogs lose fur, potty training takes time and typically involves a few “accidents,” and you know full well that your pet won’t wipe itself clean after meals.

Therefore, if you live with animals, your home needs a little bit more upkeep and maintenance.


Enough of the messy part; what about the cleaning?


If you’ve been nodding your head in agreement, you should now recognize that maintaining a clean home and carpets requires much more effort than simply sometimes giving the vacuum a quick flick. Professional cleaners and adequate maintenance are required for your home.


Why a professional clean?


a professional cleaning a carpet

They may be difficult to remove. Even if you go after the coffee, red wine, or cheese spill as soon as it happens, you’ll never be able to completely clean it up.
Professionals will make sure the carpet is thoroughly cleaned from the base up and then dried. The last thing you need is a freshly cleaned but moist carpet that will quickly begin to smell and develop mold and mildew.
To keep your carpet’s guarantee valid, many carpet manufacturers and dealers require that you get it professionally cleaned frequently—at least once a year.


Call the professionals and never wonder how often should you clean your carpets again.


Hire the professionals at Brothers in Arms to do a thorough deep clean. Choose from a variety of services, ranging from cleaning just one room to completely cleaning and deodorizing every mat and fiber of carpet in your house. Let Brothers in Arms take care of your floors and every area of your house by implementing your ideal cleaning plan.

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