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Maintain a Spotless Workplace for Your Staff


Is your office feeling a wee bit blue? Wake it up with a high-class feeling. Our office cleaning services have the identical quality to count on services like all others. Brothers in Arms offers a range of customizable office cleaning services. Choices are Standard office cleaning services, Office sanitizing services, Office disinfecting services, and more. We use only eco-friendly cleaning supplies to ensure your space is green, clean, and sanitized. Our team will also take a timely, organized approach to clean an individual office, so you can be confident that it will be cleaned on time and to your specifications. Contact us today to discuss your cleaning needs.




Why are those two verbs so difficult to encounter? They shouldn’t be. We are a veteran-owned company committed to providing exceptional client care via dependable service and transparent communication. Your problems (or complaints, if any shall arise) will be addressed within hours of contacting us since we strive for 100% customer satisfaction (which is a cliche, yet a promise). Have we piqued your interest? We would welcome the chance to demonstrate the significant contrast hiring Brothers in Arms’ will have on your organization.




Running a business comes with enough worries. If you allow us to handle the cleaning, you will have more productive time on your clock. Your staff will operate with obvious yield and enjoy their job in a physically healthy workplace.


Our typical office cleaning services include cleaning windows and flooring. We’ll also clean and sanitize office surfaces, phones, and all touchable areas and empty all trash cans. Contact us now to learn more about what our full-service teams can do for your company. For any company, office, or commercial building, we’ll get to know your facilities and then develop a tailored cleaning and sanitization strategy that properly suits your needs.


Allow us to arrange our services, time, and frequency most convenient for you and your staff. We routinely go above and beyond our client’s cleaning expectations. You can always rely on our cleaning teams to provide the greatest quality. A clean and healthy atmosphere is something that Brothers in Arms’ is dedicated to delivering.