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What to Look for When Hiring a Cleaning Company

The burden of cleaning your home can be greatly reduced by hiring a cleaning service. Let’s face it: cleaning might take up a lot of our time during the daily shuffle when it can be spent unwinding with our loved ones. Cleaning services may help us have more leisure time and reduce the number of germs in our houses. But how can you be sure the business you pick is reputable and capable of doing the tasks they advertise? Exactly what do they do when they clean your home?

Prior to calling to make a cleaning service reservation, do your homework and ask questions. Before picking a business that specializes in cleaning homes and offices, consider the following questions.


How To Determine Rates?


Home cleaning quotes

Different cleaning services have different pricing structures. Some would bill by the hour while others might bill by the project. Many businesses may bill an hourly rate for the initial visit and then establish prices for each service based on the state of your house and the amount of time they spend there.

You might want to look for a cleaning service that allows you to restrict the amount of time they spend in your house if they only charge by the hour. It is also known as a “not to surpass this price” clause in business.

Ask them to give you an estimate based on how long they think it will take to clean your home. They often make it off of the condition, length of time spent there, how frequently they come, and what they clean when they’re there.


Do Team Members Undergo Background Checks?


background check

Typically, reputable companies run background checks on each of their workers. However, it can be your responsibility to get a background check if you employ an independent cleaner. The cleaning company should be able to let you know if the same individual will visit your home on each occasion.

Background checks are vital since you don’t want to let just anybody into your home in the modern world. You want to be able to trust the business, as well as the employees they assign to do the task.


Workers’ Compensation?


worker's compensation claim form

This inquiry is required to protect you from liability should someone be hurt on your premises. The majority of businesses provide workman’s compensation to their employees who pay social security, federal, and state taxes. Some businesses use independent freelancers, who are not qualified.


Bonded and Insured?


Are you bonded or fully insured?

Professional cleaning services will have liability insurance, a bond, and a policy in place in case any of your property is destroyed or stolen while they are cleaning for you. Knowing that they will replace your products in the event of damage brings some reassurance and peace of mind.

Tell them if there is anything in your house that needs particular attention.


Entrance To Business or House?


How will you get in my office or house?

There are several ways to grant the cleaners access to your property. Most cleaners won’t need your presence to complete the job. One can:

Underneath the mat, hide a spare key.
Access is granted with a keypad.
Be home as planned.
Give a spare key to the business.
Make sure a dependable employee will be present to welcome them and keep an eye on their behavior.

Whatever option you select, make sure that it is one that both you and the cleaner are happy with.


Services Provided?


cleaning services

Find out what services are offered on routine visits by asking them. You might also inquire with them about any specialty services they provide, like green cleaning or rug cleaning. Tell them just what you need done. Do you need assistance with the dusting, or should they also clean the bathroom and mop the floors? It’s crucial that both parties comprehend because it can have an impact on how much the cleaning services will cost.


Trained Team Members?


Employee training

To be sure that they will provide you excellent outcomes, be sure that their staff have received extensive training. Inquire about the kinds of training they provide for their staff members as well as their recruiting procedures. You may also find out who instructs them and how frequently they receive new instruction.





Find out whether they can present you with a list of references that can attest to the quality of the services they offer. The majority of businesses and cleaning services retain a record of some client feedback.


Types of Certifications


What types of certifications do you have?

To conduct business, legitimate cleaning services must receive certain certificates. Request documentation of their Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIVIS)

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance, as well as CMS Green Building. These certificates will all protect you and your property and keep you out of expensive legal issues.


What about My Pet?


What should i do with my pet?

This is a question to ask and detail to provide with the firm if you have animals at your house or place of business. Some people could be allergic to certain animals or just be afraid of them. You might want to spend some time getting to know the cleaner before their first visit if you won’t be home when they arrive. Sometimes you’ll need to box them or find a secure outdoor location where you can leave them until you return home.

Additionally, verify whether they have an additional price for cleaning an animal-filled house.

Don’t pick the first business you come across or the one with the cheapest pricing. Make sure the firm is a good fit for you and your house by doing your homework and asking them these questions if they apply to your particular case.

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