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Cleaning with TLC: Your partner in sanitation during COVID-19

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We recently covered the distinction between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting in a blog article. Having such information is now much more important because of COVID-19. At Brothers in Arms, we always adhere to the highest safety standards when cleaning the residences and businesses of our customers.

We’ve raised the bar for safety ever since the several “shelter in place” orders around the nation went into force. Here are all the ways COVID-19 is assisting you, our clients, to get through this tough period.


Added precautions


an employee using shoe covers in a home

Here are some fresh procedures we’ve implemented to guarantee security and infection control at every visit.

-Shoe inserts, At the client’s entrance, we put on shoe coverings to stop bringing dirt, filth, and germs inside the residence or place of business. We take off the shoe coverings as soon as the service is finished and discard them right away to prevent the spread of germs.

-Additional handwashing, Even though our crew is trained in appropriate sanitation and cleaning procedures, we’ve included extra handwashing at the entrance and exit from a task site. During the COVID-19 epidemic, this approach aids in reducing the transmission of bacteria and germs.

-Sanitation, For extra peace of mind in these trying and unpredictable times, we have increased sanitary standards (personally and with our equipment) between customers.


Cold and Flu Buster Package


a man wrapped in a blanket with a thermometer in his mouth because he is sick

We are providing a discount to our current clients throughout the COVID-19 issue to assist you with maintaining your home and office cleaning throughout this trying time.

Our most recent “thank you” to our devoted consumers is our Twelve-Point Cold and Flu Buster Package. This service will be immediately added to your upcoming appointment.

Normally $50, this Cold and Flu Buster Package is our present to you at this strange and turbulent time.

The Twelve-Point Cold and Flu Buster Package focuses on twelve places that are particularly busy or in close contact and are thought to be germ-spreading hotspots. These are them:

-Chair armrests, light switches, and doorknobs
-Appliance knobs, faucets, toilets, countertops, and remote controls

Please let us know in advance if you do not want this additional service added to your regularly scheduled cleaning.

We utilize cleaners that go above and beyond the norm for the industry in our clients’ homes. You may have faith in the twelve-point cold and flu clean’s ability to kill germs.

It is crucial that you clean these places as well in between visits with us, particularly if household members continue to leave the house for things like work, errands, or taking care of others.

To prevent the transmission of germs, we also advise taking off your shoes before entering your home and storing them in the garage or outdoors. We also advise often cleaning your hands.


If you’re feeling unwell, reschedule


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We have determined to relax the cancellation policy during the upcoming several weeks since we prioritize our workers’ and their families’ health and safety.

To help us safeguard our neighborhood and loved ones, if you are feeling sick or unwell, kindly cancel your appointment through phone or email without incurring any fees.

If you would want to reschedule your appointment for a day and time when you are symptom-free and feeling better, please let us know.


We’d love to clean your empty spaces


two smiling cleaning professionals

We would love for you to book us for a deep clean if your company was closed to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Prior to all of your workers reporting back to work, this is the ideal time to get the workplace cleaned and disinfected. By doing this, you will lessen the chance that bacteria or viruses may spread after your business has closed.

We’d also love to clean your new development, which is another vacant area. Let us come and thoroughly clean your newly constructed or renovated home so that it is sterile in advance of your move-in date.

Making the most of these difficult times by cleaning vacant buildings will protect the safety of the people who will ultimately return to your place.


Support small business


multiple gift cards made to look like a present

We advise getting a gift card to use later if you are currently unwell or feel uneasy having cleaners in your house during COVID-19.

Since Brothers in Arms is a tiny company, the COVID-19 epidemic has been particularly challenging.

Please take into consideration getting a gift card now to spend later in order to assist us in keeping our staff and expenses covered. To get started, follow this link. You may also add a gratuity of your choice in advance to the gift card for your convenience. We always support both our customers and our staff.

Additionally, you may start your Christmas shopping early by purchasing gift cards for Brothers in Arms for each of your loved ones. Any time of year, a professional cleaning crew’s services are a great present.


We appreciate you


a heart that says 'we love our customers'

We just want to express our gratitude to all of our devoted clients, Brothers in Arms. We value you and are confident that we can get through this together.

Brothers in Arms is pleased with the extraordinary levels of sanitation and cleansing that we have achieved, and we look forward to continuing to serve you while the globe fights COVID.