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Who are we?


At Brothers in Arms Multi-Services Group, upholding the highest standards is a top priority. After more than 30 years, we are confident that we can reduce our clients’ stress and difficulties.


Brothers In Arms LLC. is big enough to be dependable yet small enough to concentrate on the requirements of each unique client. This “little but mighty” feel has drawn customers back time and time again.


We established Brothers in Arms LLC in 2020. to interfere with the cleaning and construction industries’ standardized, inconsistent work standards. With a combined 30 years of expertise in the cleaning profession, our experience, accomplishments, and discipline from serving our country sets us apart.


Veterans demonstrated commitment, initiative, collaboration, ethical behavior, and more; they deserve job placements befitting their accomplishments. However, veteran employment is a growing problem in our nation for various reasons. One: The interviewer fails to recognize the applicant’s 4 to 20 years of military duty; second: they have provided relevant and valuable expertise required to fill most positions.


Larger organizations are getting better at this, but smaller, “mom-and-pop” businesses, which hire the most people, still struggle to grasp how a veteran’s experience applies to the position. It’s challenging to convince companies that the general knowledge and discipline military personnel have learned may be an invaluable asset to an organization.